Thursday, September 13, 2012


I was contacted by a few people interested in wetting my panties, but one said he had a babydoll he would wear. Hopefully that pans out and he sends me something like this, but with pee.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'd like to try wetting my panties, but I don't want to do it alone. I want to do it with someone..sort of. The person I need is an exhibitionist with both a pee and a panty fetish. I want to send him my piss & cum soaked panties for him to piss & cum in. And, I want him to make a faceless video for me.

The panties will be size M and I would want him to fit in them and look good (not fat). Of course, he shouldn't really fit in the crotch area...the bigger the cock the better. If you can't tell, I have a huge appreciation for pantied cocks.

I've found that I'm so particular about fetishes. Here are the particulars for me about pantied cock masturbation scenes:
  • Beautiful big cock with an obvious bulge
  • Darker colors (black, reds, purples, etc.) preferred
  • Standing or sitting with legs spread apart and the camera in front, not above
  • Enveloped cock.....meaning some kind of fabric above (skirt, dress, babydoll), below (garters,) and immediately around (the panties of course). The image of a cock poking out from all of that sends me to my knees.
  • Lots of up and down motion on the cock rather than tickling the head (I hope that one makes sense)
  • In shape performer
  • Headless. I like the camera pointed at the cock and really don't like seeing the face
  • Male over shemales
  • Not too much anal action (but some is nice)
  • Keeps everything on. I once watched a video where the guy removed the panties and I abruptly stopped masturbating and was instantly bored.
  • Cummy Cumshot
Of course I still enjoy videos that don't have all of these qualities, but when I find one that has it all it becomes an all-time fave. Adding pee to this list would be the icing on the cake. If after wetting the panties he pulled out just the tip in order to wet his face/torso it would be divine.

This may or may not be logistically possible, but I'd like to talk to anyone who lives in NYC and is interested. We would not be meeting physically.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Piss Loving, Wet Boys

So desperation just really isn't for me. Watching videos of people squirm just makes me impatient and jump to the end. However, I recently found that (once I skip the holding) I LOVE videos of boys in white briefs or boxer briefs soaked in yellow pee. When he then pulls out his cock and masturbates I'm in heaven. In this case, the bigger the cock the better. If he doesn't cum I feel really let down. Jeans don't do it for me.

Before, I thought that I didn't get turned on by male piss at all; I typically watch lesbian pee porn. Pee from a pussy is just much more appealing and sexual (IMHO) while pee from a penis is just....normal/not erotic? What I mean is that a guy holding his cock and pissing is what he does day in and day out, but when females do it we squat, stand, spread our legs, etc. in ways that are more intimate.

However, now I know that if I don't actually see the piss coming out of the cock I'm all for it and very excited by it. Although it really turns me on, I still don't think I would ever let a self-wetting boy fuck me. I would want him to lick me or maybe I would be the one to turn his briefs yellow. ;)

Submissive Men Drinking My Piss

I've had 2 men drink me in the past. I really need this to happen again...regularly actually. I fantasize about watching filthy porn and drinking wine (mostly clothed) while a piss drinker sits naked under me drinking, licking, and rimming. I would alternate between soaking him and feeding him. He would be insatiable and stroke his (preferably) teeny tiny cock. I would mostly ignore him. He would be a well off executive reduced to most degrading position possible. We would be sullying his nice apartment. He would always have a clean towel ready to wipe his filthy spit off of me. I'd leave him my panties as a memento. After I left he would happily lay there drenched in my piss until he absolutely had to clean off and return to real life. It would get to where he could tell what I had eaten that day.

Is this possible? I'm in NYC.  I've worked myself up again...time to masturbate.