Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Still Looking for a Cuckold

As expected, most of the responses I receive are from men with insufficient education. Frankly, I can't stand to read emails that are poorly written (meaning obvious grammatical issues, not standard online abbreviations or typos). I suppose this makes sense as submissive feelings could arise from failing to get the education necessary to succeed. It's to be expected that their women would be drawn to more virile, successful, type-A men and turn them into cuckolds. I'm still looking and have a few interesting responses. Hopefully the back and forth results in something worthwhile.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Looking for a Cuckold in NYC

Sure, it's-off topic, but I figured I'd post it here anyway. I just got out of a situation and now I want to seriously pursue the cuckold lifestyle. Well, I should stipulate that what I want is a "cuckold-lite" relationship. There are certain aspects that don't appeal to me, so many experienced cucks would not be for me. While I undeniably have perverse desires, I'm rarely attracted to the men who share them. This type of relationship could satisfy my fetish life as well as my normal sex life.

The biggest issue I see is it potentially not being a real relationship. I would need it to JUST be a sex thing and not take over every aspect of my life. I don't want him to call me mistress, goddess, etc. and I want him to be someone I can have around my friends and family (without anyone suspecting anything). First and foremost, this means that he must be well educated and successful. This may completely disqualify all of my candidates, but it is very important if there is to be any sort of relationship. I've looked into this before, but the lack of education I find makes me think that this may not be possible. If you are interested let me know! And if it did would be fun to chronicle our adventures!

About me:
-Mid 20s
-Dark skinned, pretty black woman
-Avg weight
-Well educated
-Sarcastic, social, hard-working
-Pussy pics posted :)

You should be:
-In Manhattan, BK, or NNJ
-30 to 37
-5'9" +
-Well educated and successful
-Interesting, social, generally well-liked
-Looking for a LTR
-Unafraid of commitment
-Please have decent grammar!

I am into / could get into:
-Humiliation (you wearing panties, belittling your penis, etc)
-Golden showers
-Feeding you your cum (I play safe so no creampies for me)
-Forced bi (fake forced bi as in watching gay porn and watching you get aroused)
-You being somewhere in the apartment (unbeknownst to whoever I am with)

I am not into:
-Threesomes (meaning the men in my life do not know and you do not participate)
-Chastity devices
-Any real bi activity
-Exclusively fucking black men (most of the men in my life are white)